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Small but serious.

 All terrain ebike.

The xBIKE.

 Design matters, but compact size  matters more.  

The xBIKE provides both in right way.

raxo bezowy skladanie - 9175.jpg
raxo bezowy detal - 9066.jpg

Who needs fat tyres if you have a REAL, DAMN GOOD, FULL suspension?

by Suntour or RockShox.

The xBIKE has one.

And GOOD tyres as well.

Inspired by SUPERMOTO and enduro bikes. 
Design matters 
safety matters more.

No hinge in the central point of  frame.

The xBIKE.

raxo bezowy detal - 9012.jpg

SIMPLICITY leads to invisible engineering 

Rear suspension hinge placed in natural pivot point.
The xBIKE.

It's unbelievable how low space demanding.

2x ebike + 5 seats?  

The xBIKE.


The perfect  companion for every trip. Urban DNA + wildness.

The xBIKE.